5% of all Net Proceeds will be donated to the following ministries.

FOWCUS – An non-profit organization that educates orphans in Meru, Kenya.

New Hope UMC – A multi-cultural congregation in the heart of Lincoln, Nebraska where love is preached and practiced.


Individual Life & Career Coaching                                                                                          We all need a life coach at some points in our life – a person who comes alongside you to help you refocus, refine your vision or rekindle a lost vision and get you moving to action.  A coach will help you unfreeze your potential in any area of your choice.

Group & Team Coaching                                                                                                                     This a great approach for working with a team to move them to actionable visions and implementation.



Is your church or organization looking to improve the general health of your pastors or lay leaders? Research shows that lack of self care is the root cause of boundary crossing by pastors and church leaders, ineffectiveness in ministry, mental stress and breakdowns and relational problems both at work and at home. We can help.  We will tool you with information, and help you begin a journey of holistic discipline for self care through a half day workshop that includes a self assessment of your self care disciplines.  You will also have an opportunity to sign up for continued individual/group coaching on self care.

Transition to Cross cultural appointments

North American church has changed – for the better!  In the sixties and early seventies, the American church was the # 1 evangelistic sender of missionaries. Today the tides are slowly but surely turning.  We have more and more pastors and missionaries in ministry in North America stationed to take charges in rural America, many times in areas that have zero diversity of population and congregation. Churches that are embracing this new dynamic of ministry have a chance of not just surviving the myth of “dying church in America,” but also surviving.  Truth be told though, the cross-cultural appointments are always a challenge both for the pastor and the congregation, either in terms of expectations, food, time orientation and worldview. Even more challenging is the pertinent aspect of communication that encompasses language, accents and cultural symbolism and relevance.  We have lived both worlds and understand not only the challenges but also the way to move forward successfully.  We can help.  We will come to your church, meet with the congregation, and help prepare your congregation for the cross-cultural appointment. We also offer specific workshops tailored to pastors taking cross cultural appointments as requested by the District/conference. Contact us for pricing of:

  • Congregational preparation workshop for cross cultural appointment.
  • Pastors transition to cross cultural appointment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Parenting in Dual Cultures

Are you a 1st generation immigrant parent and struggling with the conflict of morals and ethics in raising your kids in a different culture and context? Do not be afraid- you are not alone and there is help.  Seminars on parenting in dual cultures help articulate your struggles and offer you a forum of other parents experiencing similar struggles. Solid, proven models of parenting will be shared. Perspective to understand your kids who are growing in a context that is different than yours will be explored. You will be signed into an ongoing forum where exchange of sound ideas will be published and accessible.

Research & Evaluations

Church Diagnostics & Recommendations                                                                             Is your church experiencing internal conflicts that you cannot put your finger on? Unfortunately, many churches, just like a family, experience undefined conflicts, enmeshed relationships and diffused boundaries. These tend to undermine the effectiveness of the church’s programs and efforts to grow, to reach the world and to transform lives. Our team can help. Using Systems theory and Narrative approach, our team will study your system, and offer an analysis and recommendations to help you address conflicts at their root level.

Ministry/Program Evaluation

Is your church at the beginning stages of starting a new program or is wondering whether the programs you have are meeting the intended goals? We will work with you in helping you answer the questions you might have. We will also work with you to explore other alternatives that will help your church flourish in its ministries.

Program Evaluations

Large (125+ participants) $75 USD/hr

Ministry Related Research

Looking to do some basic ministry related research? – talk to us about it and let us see how we can help.

Beyond  1000+ Members

Contact Us For Pricing.




Self- Care : A more intensive 2 day retreat that expands on areas shared in the self care workshops. Each retreat includes a self care assessment inventory and a six session coaching focused on your inventory results.

Writing Retreats:  These are small cohort of people (7-9 people) that are either writers or aspiring writers. We offer two types of writing retreats.               

  • General Writing Retreats:  Are you working on a writing project and feel like you are not getting anywhere? Do you have an idea you have not even began to put together and wish you had the space to begin and get encouraged?  You may want to check out our occasional general writing retreats. We offer the space to meet up with other aspiring writers, where you can share your ideas, have the opportunity for others to critique it and offer suggestions and even brainstorm with you.  Six months later, you will come back and present what you have been working on. How cool!
  • Sermon Writing Retreats: Are you a pastor and needing some time and input into brainstorming with a few other pastors? Would you like to prepare at least three months of sermons topics and ideas with other pastors?  What a better place to strengthen your sermons than with other theologically minded persons! Check out our website for upcoming facilitated writing retreats.  These have cohorts of only 7-9 people, so act quickly.

Strategic Planning Retreats: Are you wondering what to do to grow your church and reach more people in your community? Are you a pastor or lay leaders trying to get your church to do some strategic planning but do not know where to begin?  Or may be you have begun and even have a solid mission statement but no traction to make things happen.  We can help. Our team will work with you in identifying ways your church can move forward in accomplishing your mission and vision. We will come to your site for a full or half day retreat, and facilitate a strategic planning retreat with your leadership team.